Are you looking for a completely individual design?

Elements of different designs can be used together to good effect if chosen carefully, though for a truly unique design we can custom make parts or a complete staircase, including contemporary staircases or traditional staircases.

Five key components make up a balustrade; newel posts, spindles, hand rails, base rails and caps. Below are descriptions of the most common styles we install. We appreciate that everyone’s needs differ so if you require different style components which are not listed below including chrome, simply contact us.


Newel Posts


Our newels are designed to suit nearly every staircase configuration and are normally 90mm or 115mm. Modular construction allows maximum flexibility and is especially useful where conversion or refurbishment work requires that the existing newel bases are retained. Newel Posts provide the basic strength and structural integrity for each stairway system. Accordingly the dimensions and designs of our newels are such that the maximum rigidity and confidence are assured.



Spindles provide the real point of difference for any balustrading. Choose from different styles each available in different materials. Wooden spindles are usually 32mm, 41mm, or 55mm, metal spindles are usually 20mm.

Building regulations state that you must not have a gap of more than 100mm anywhere in your balustrade, usually this means approximately 2 spindles per step on your stairs and 1 spindle every 5” or 125mm on your landing.


 Caps and Rails

For a domestic property your handrail should be 900mm from the finished floor of your landing and vertically up from the line of your stairs. In a commercial situation you should have a handrail height of 1100mm on the landing.